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REMEMBER, that you're going to visit the Exclusion Zone, where your body is exposed to additional radiation exposure, which is due to:

  • external ɣ-radiation radionuclides emergency descent;

  • inhalation (breathing) dust that contains radionuclides and radioactive aerosols;

  • ingestion of dust and small fragments;

  • contamination of exposed skin.

DO NOT FORGET, you must be at least 18 years of age, and you should not have medical contraindications for use in contact with sources of ionizing radiation.

DEMANDS FROM THE accompanying briefing on security messures in the Exclusion Zone and compliance radiation safety.

PUT A BARRIER in the way of radionuclides into the body by applying:

  • garments with a minimumof seams and zippers, fully harboring your body (do not forget about the long-sleeved)

  • cotton gloves

  • change shoes you do not mind to throw inthe event of contamination

  • respirator (then visiting places with the possible formation of dust)

  • protective glasses simple

DO NOT FORGET tobring your water in  the Zone to drink water from wells, rivers and other sources of public land is prohibited.

TAKE a couple of packs of wet wipes. Freshen the face, wipe his hands, dust off accidentally fallen things - this is not a complete list of cases for which they can be useful.

DESIRABLE NOT to overeatbefore the trip, in the Zone sometimes quite difficult to get to the bathrooms, and excrete products of digestion in conditions of radioactive contamination and the presence of outsiders - is problematic.

STICK TO established routes, strictly comply with the requirements accompanying not disengage from the group, always keep within sight of his companions.

REMEMBER how many people inthis city have given their health and lives to you live today. Behave properly, do not litter, refrain from smoking inthe City, cigarette butts - not the best track left by you, to suppress acts of vandalism.

DO NOT TOUCH any of things, even the most attractive, that you found in the Zone. They can be a source of trouble for you, your family and friends, and even strangers to you people.

DO NOT AVOID checks on installations external radiation monitoring ɣ-contamination located on the gearbox. When pollution control abobe the level of personal clothing and footwear are subject to decontamination and decontamination in case of impossibility - are taken with the preparation of the act.

PROTECT yourself from possible exposure to radiation after visiting the Zone. Make it simple:

  • wash your hands. Wash yourhands, you must first with cold water and soap,then with warm water and soap, and thenagain hold them in cold water.

  • take a shower, washing your body from top to bottom, starting with the head.

  • wash clothing, which visited the Zone. Do it in a separate basin, do not use a common washing machine.

The author of the memo:
Alexander E. Novikov, deputy technical director of  Chernobyl NPP for security.

Called radioactive unstable nuclei of some atoms, which is manifested in their ability to self-transformation (for Scientific - decay), which is accompanied by the release of ionizing radiation. The energy of the radiation is high enough, so it is able to influence the substance, creating new ions of different signs. Calling radiation using chemical reactions cannot be, it is entirely physical process.